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HomeGetaways is the leading innovator and specialist in the exploding tiny-home, pool house, home office and guest home movements. our design potentials are as unlimited as your requests. Our proprietary building technology is unrivaled in our ability to deliver designer luxury and commercial strength. 

Home getaways was created to fulfill our clients unlimited structural needs where space is often in short supply. People come to us for great design, a team that’s easy to work with and tons of value packed into a uniquely specialized smaller space of 1500 sq.ft. or less. This is the foundation creating home getaway’s jaw dropping value.


Today’s savy customers demand beauty, expect strength, desire smart technology and innovation in their structure. It’s easy to ask for but almost impossible to deliver affordably in hurricane prone regions of the US and aboard. At Home Getaways, this is exactly what we do! We embrace this challenge head on, excelling daily to meet our clients requirements for their dream structures.

We offer you a commercial strength in a residential luxury with high quality galvanized commercial steel structures, concrete panels and other high quality materials. These are the fundamental building blocks of structures built to withstand hurricane winds in excess of 200 mph. However, we push the boundaries of building strength even further to deliver more value with our technology.