Industrial Applications

  • Industrial sheds & garages
  • City buildings
  • Warehouses 

Delivery up to 60% faster

Built in electricity

Residential Structures and Shells

Permastructures Modular Homes

General contractors, developers and end users alike are going to be amazed at all the advantages of using Permastructures as an alternative to a lengthy construction site... 

  • Up to 60% less time to deliver than concrete, and time is money
  • ​Turn key
  • ​Built in electricity & plumbing, no jackhammer required
  • ​No wood concept
  • Minimal construction site

Permastructures Shells

The revolution of residential, commercial and industrial construction.Can be delivered as just the basic structure rough or partially finished, the Permastructures steel shell will save time and the usual pains a major construction site can bring.

Commercial and Industrial Structures

Commercial Applications

  • Strip malls
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Office buildings
  • Appartement buildings
  • Low income housing (local and abroad)

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Concrete constructions

  • They need a jackhammer to install the electrical wiring 
  • They need a jackhammer to install the plumbing
  • They need a jackhammer to install the windows
  • They need months to finish the structure (60% more time)
  • They need a major (expensive) construction site

Conventional Modular / Mobile Homes

It is a known fact that a conventional modular home deteriorates in a very short period of time. In fact it is absorbing humidity on the highway coming to the owner’s site from the manufacturer’s plant. Once in place, the structure and all components made of wood and presswood located outside the AC areas are exposed to the elements 24 hours a day for the next 15 years. ​Nothing good can come out of this. 15 years later, the value of the property has decreased instead of gaining in value. Owners are confronted with demolition costs or will try to sell the house for a ridiculous price in order to pass on the problem to an unsuspecting buyer. 

The American Iron and Steel Institutes stipulate that our type of structure have an estimated life expectancy (ASTM G1-90) of 664 years! Our galvanized structural skeleton, resin base paneling and insulation provide not only longevity to the product but definite advantages that is revolutionizing the industry in our opinion.The galvanized steel structure, the humidity resistance paneling  and the concrete flooring is far cry from conventional 2 by 4, wood base paneling and press wood floors.

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Rough structure OR

Partially finished OR

Turn key

Minimal Construction Site

Built in plumbing