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PermaStructures is proud to bring to the market a revolutionary alternative - 

high-quality modular homes, constructed of galvanized steel, concrete panels and other high-grade materials that resist fire, moisture, winds and termites significantly better than conventional wood-based manufactured homes on the market today.

Steel Components

The revolution of residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Can be delivered as just the basic structure, rough or partially finished. The Permastructures steel shell will save time and the usual pains a major construction site can bring.

A light gauge steel truss offers the architect, engineer, contractor and owner all the flexibility and design advantages of wood trusses, plus the versatility and safety of an ECO-FRIENDLY alternative material. Light gauge steel also eliminates the use of fire treated lumber which is a chemically treated version of regular lumber.

Modular Homes

Steel Structures



As you may know, Florida is seeing more and more devastating weather and natural disasters. Our modular homes can withstand a myriad of conditions. They have been both tested in laboratory conditions and have proven their worth out in the real world over the years. Since these homes are made of galvanized high-caliber steel and resin, they, without a doubt, become your obvious choice, the wave of the future, for structural soundness.

  • Fire resistance: with no toxic gas if exposed to fire. 

  • Water resistance: water and humidity have no effect on the components.

  • Pest resistance: termites, ants and other pests have no interest for the components. 

  • Wind resistance: structure resists winds of up to 178 mph.   

  • Well-insulated: reduce energy costs

These structures are able to withstand the elements and more.

A modular home made of steel has tremendous advantages!