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Roof & Floor Trusses


A light gauge steel truss offers the architect, engineer, contractor and owner all the flexibility and design advantages of wood trusses, plus the versatility and safety of an ECO-FRIENDLY alternative material. Light Gauge Steel Trusses provide a pitched roof alternative to the flat roofs normally supplied by bar joist and pan steel construction as seen on commercial buildings. Light gauge also eliminates the use of fire treated lumber which is a chemically treated version of regular lumber. 

 Light gauge truss used for schools, assisted living facilities, military facilities, fire department and warehouses. They are quickly becoming a more viable choice in residential building as well, due to the safety factors and piece of mind associated with the use of a steel truss.

PermaStructures factory in Opa Locka, Florida, is pleased to offer this alternative choice in trusses. As a direct fabricator, our engineered steel trusses are manufactured under quality-controlled conditions and are a cost effective solution to steel framing. 

Our primary products include: 

  • Structural Galvanized Steel Engineering 
  • Roof Trusses 
  • Floor Joist Custom Design Fabrications Made from Galvanized Steel in different Gauges From 12 to 22 
  • SteelHomes™ Truss System uses a proprietary Powerful Truss software to design and calculate the truss and communicates directly with the roll- former software 
  • Galvanized steel to G60 or G90 for a longer life expectancy 
  • Free Span up to 100 feet steel weighs less than wood 
  • Steel is much more flexible in terms of design compared to wood 
  • 60% less dead load for the supporting structure

Light Gauge Truss

Steel trusses have been used in commercial building construction for a long time. In the past 10 years, there has been an increase of their use in the building of residential structures. There are several reasons for this. Steel Trusses do not require trees to be cut down to make the studs, and the price of steel does not fluctuate as much as the price of wood. They provide a greener alternative to using natural resources such as wood.

Steel is non-combustible which makes it much more likely to resist devastating events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. 

  • PermaStructures offers fully Automated Truss Production 
  • No culling of materials 
  • No cutting at job site 
  • No measuring at job site 
  • Virtually no scrap 
  • Best production cost 
  • High quality, high strength steel 

Using steel trusses for construction requires no “wet work,” which makes the construction process much faster as only the simplest assembly is required. In addition, steel construction materials are 100% recyclable. Beginning with engineering & estimating to shop drawings, project management, fabrication and quality control,PermaStructures works to deliver the finest products possible. 

Common Roof Truss

  • Built To Your Specifications 
  • Customized For Its Intended Use 
  • Built With Galvanized Steel Materials 
  • Ecologically Friendly-No Wood Products 
  • Fire Resistant 
  • Anti Termite Environment 
  • Designed And Engineered By Certified Structural Engineer
  • Light Gauge Steel Design (Gauge 12 to 22) 
  • Computer Design at Steel Homes (ASD or LRFD Method) 
  • Structural Engineer qualified for MDC Construction Codes 
  • Florida Building Code 2010 Compliant