We strive to offer a product of the highest quality in materials and end product on the market. If you are on the market for a new home, a builder or a developer, we are certain you will find what you need when you visit us.

The Company manufactures high quality, long lasting structures using steel, concrete panels and other high grade materials that resist fire, moisture, wind and termites better than any conventional wood-based structures on the market. PermaStructures patented designs and processes enable the Company to offer these higher quality structures at a very competitive price point. 

​PermaStructures can provide steel structures for residential housing and commercial buildings of any kind including buildings up to 6 stories without the need for the additional steel and/or concrete structure typically required. Our factory is located in Miami, and we have successfully delivered structures in all parts of the world. The Company makes great efforts to reduce energy costs and actively advances energy saving design and technologies. The PermaStructures construction can also provide space savings through effecient building space utilization techniques and reduced wall thicknesses. In addition, our low volume of industrial production, minimal garbage, no flotsam, and minimal run storage is an asset to GREEN sustainability. 90% percent of materials are recyclable, keeping ahead of the complex recyclable international trend.

Our Vision

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